Saturday, February 20, 2010

More inspiration

Yesterday's piece was, obviously, a collage. I've long been fascinated by collage, but most of what I have seen in books, galleries, and online has been rather depressingly nostalgic, crafty, and ultimately dull. In a sense, that lack of inspiring work has at times dulled my own desire to create collages.

Some time ago, I came across the collage artistry of Jeffrey Meyer and was astounded. His art is incredible and his aesthetic is really bold, direct, and unique. I've spent an awful lot of time just browsing through his site and studying his collages. It's amazing work and it his been deeply inspirational to my own efforts. While I am nowhere near as skilled with the knife or at composition and artistry as Jeffrey, seeing the images he is crafting has always been a tremendous creative spark for me.

I am fortunate enough to now own one of Jeffrey's collages, called Anamorphic Gate, framed and hanging right in front of my drawing table in my blue closet studio. He has an enormous number of collages for sale, and the prices are a steal. Even better, the level of craft is amazing. My few collages generally have some loose ends, some glue bumps under the paper, and even a few sticky bits where I overdid it. The one I have from Jeffrey, framed and pressed very evenly against the glass, is flawless. If I hadn't been able to see the lines delineating the different pieces of paper, I would swear it was all of one smooth piece.

So I owe Jeffrey a debt of gratitude for inspiring my own collages with his beautiful, unsettling, and prolific output. And I encourage any of you interested in collage to check his stuff out and even buy a piece or two.


  1. I am writing to give you a bit of thanks and encouragement. I came across a link to this site a few months ago and bookmarked it, knowing that Moby Dick was on my list of books to read. I can't believe that I waited so long before picking it up as I am enjoying it immensely. I love all the drawings, especially the characters you came up with for Tashtego and Daggoo, the site has added a lot to my enjoyment of what I am finding to be a truly great book. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ram, thank you very much, the feedback and the encouragement (and especially the specific nature of the compliments) are deeply appreciated. It's really humbling to know that my efforts are bringing a new and different dimension to those working their way through Melville's book, but in a lot of ways that is the fuse that keeps me going. Thank you for bookmarking me, and I hope you'll follow along for the next 380 pages of art still to come.

  3. I love it when you share your inspirations and stories about your creative process. It's incredibly important for any creative person to remember to be observant of the world and others like them and, perhaps more importantly, remember that talent only gets you started - hard work is what finishes any job worth completing.

  4. Brandon, I know now that every single thing I have ever looked at has, in some way, informed my creative efforts and a lot of that is coming out, almost subconsciously, in these Moby-Dick illustrations. Jeffrey is one of those artists who, to me, is so incredibly good that the influence is not even subtle. I would kill to be able to create what he does. Fortunately, he's got a ton of art online, providing endless inspiration and excitement and education.


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