Monday, March 29, 2010

Request for help making promo postcards

Weirdly enough, this month and next month I will be making some public appearances supporting this project. On April 19th I'll be at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn giving a brief talk with a slideshow as part of their Open City Dialogues series. Then on Saturday April 24th and and Sunday April 25th I'll have a table at S.P.A.C.E. in Columbus. Finally on May 13th I'll be giving a very brief presentation at Pecha Kucha Columbus.

For years, I was able to avoid having to actively promote my art since it was purely personal and private, but it seems as if the time has finally come and I can delay promoting it no longer. I've decided to print up some postcards with one of my illustrations on the front and some information about my web site and the project on the back to give out at some of these events. Good friend Tom Williams has already been kind enough to share a wealth of technical information on the best ways to create, format, and print promo postcards. Now I just need to decide on which image to use, and that's where I want your help.

I want the front of the card to have an image that is really striking yet still a good representation of the project as a whole. This is tough because I am using so many different media and found paper and even different styles. My main concern is that someone might pick up the postcard, really like the image on the front, visit the site and be disappointed when the rest of the art looks nothing like they expected.

So I've narrowed it down to 5 pieces that I think would look great in full color on the front of a full bleed postcard. Please take a quick look and, in the comments, vote for which one you think is most appropriate or, if you think another image not listed here is better, please let me know that. You can comment anonymously as well. Also, if you'd like one, send me an email with your mailing address and I'll send you one or two when they're done.


PAGE 109

PAGE 131

PAGE 173

PAGE 176


  1. It took quite a few refreshes to see all the images, but I was particularly drawn (ha!) to page 109. After that, I like Page 131 and 176. The whales themselves seem most evocative of the book.

    Why not page 35? The whale is awesome; the red may be off-putting to some people. Page 173 for the same reason, although the colours are beautiful.

  2. I like 131 or 176 best. 176 simply because it has the moby dick title page, which I think would be a good introduction to the work. 131 because i think it is so impressively intricate and would make a good first impression. But really, just sleep on it and go with your heart/gut decision! I wouldn't worry too much about someone getting the wrong idea or wrong impression from your postcard, I would think most people would understand that artists are diverse and complex and so their work would be that also. I would recommend not using the first image you posted just because if you are going to print in color it would be a bad value to have to pay for color for the whole card and only have that little bit of red. Just something to consider!

    Good luck!

  3. I love 131, I think. I like how much of the diagram is visible behind it...and it definitely is intriguing on its own while giving a good idea of the project.

    T-shirts, I'm tellin' ya...(I would definitely purchase one).

  4. I would echo 131, but I wish you were also considering 198. 183 is probably my personal favorite, but I don't think that it's what you're looking for in the postcards.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. I like 109 for a card. It has narrative, humor, and style. It has a image that is recognizable for anyone, even people who never really read the book, so it gets people's attention, but it is clearly not an illustration but rather a unique work of art. I like all your choices, though. Nice work!

  6. I think 176 might work best as a promotional item, with the M-D title page visible beneath the image.

    My heart and eye go to 109 first, though, with 131 close behind.

    Seeing the new picture is a highlight of my day, and I have taken to flipping to the page in M-D and reading along.


  7. I love them all but would vote for 131 for its awesomeness or 176 because it best encapsulates the project.

  8. I agree with Anja, 109 might be best because it contains enough elements of the story to be readily decipherable. And it is a wonderful work of art.

  9. You've picked several of my favorites! I would go with 171, because it has the most elements representative of the project as a whole, and also it's a very fine piece of work.

    (Matt, I am in marketing and design, and if there are any questions etc. you think I might be able to help you with, I'd be more than happy to - just let me know.)

  10. I think 109 both stands alone the best as an artwork, and as a representative of what the project is---even without knowing about it, the picture shouts "Moby Dick"!

  11. 131 for sure. Iconically Moby Dick at first glance, but reveals your careful art upon inspection.

  12. To me, 35 and 109 most clearly say "Moby Dick" (well, I suppose 176 actually says "Moby Dick"), so I'd vote for one of those. I dig them all.


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