Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where I've been, what I've been doing

Well, my long nightmare of brutal exhaustion is finally over. For now at least. Actually, I should see it will be over after I go to sleep and wake up tomorrow morning. This week started with the drive to New York and the lecture in Brooklyn, followed by the long drive back. Then I had to work a few days and finish getting everything ready for the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, or S.P.A.C.E. which was held yesterday (Saturday) and today here in Columbus. It's a very enjoyable show, but it's always extremely draining because even though I'm sitting behind an exhibitor's table I feel like I have to be "on" the whole time. Ready to talk to anyone, and usually about my art.

It was triply exhausting this year because in addition to the New York thing and trying to keep up with the Moby-Dick project I wanted to be sure I put together a new art book for the show, which meant creating 18 brand new pen and ink drawings, xeroxing them, tearing the paper, cutting the cover stock, spraypainting all 30 covers, drilling them, and then sewing the bindings. Well, my wife actually cut all the cover stock and sewed all the books together but I did all the drawing and copying and tearing and spraypainting. All in all, even though I feel dead about a thousand times over inside and my brain is less than mush, I am very pleased with how the book turned out and the show was remarkable for me. Between selling my little art books, comics and original art, I made more than I have ever made at any show ever.

Here are a few photos from the show, just so you know I haven't been goofing around and taking a bunch of time off. First, here is a photo of my table.

From left to right, you can see the minicomic All In A Knight's Work (the tiny yellow book you can barely see at the edge) that good friend Dara Naraghi wrote and I drew, my own comics Spudd 64 issues number 2, 3 and 4 (in the pale green covers - issue 1 sold out a while ago and I haven't reprinted it), my first art collection The Solar Brothers, Volume 1 from last spring (in the dark yellow covers with the spraypainted sun and clouds on the cover - these last few sold out at the show), Taproot (a really nice color collection of my older colored pencil drawings) The Solar Brothers, Volume 2 (the bright pink or red books with the spraypainted clouds and sun in the middle), the Moby-Dick promo postcards (which arrived just in time for the trip to New York and which will be sent out to all who asked for them this week - promise!) and finally a bunch of original art for sale. I sold a huge amount of art at the show, the most ever, which was a wonderful experience. All in all, things went really well. I still have some copies of The Solar Brothers, Volume 2 so if you'd like one let me know. They're 20 pages, 18 new drawings, cardstock spraypainted covers (every one different) and hand-sewn Japanese stab binding. They are $3 each plus $1 shipping.

Another fantastic surprise was finally seeing the book Emberley Galaxy: A Tribute To Ed Emberley. My friend Joe Kuth put the whole thing together, and it's a wonderful anthology of drawings and comics inspired by the phenomenal children's book illustrator (and so much more) Ed Emberley. Take a look...

Joe invited me to design the endpapers, a "galaxy" of shapes based on Emberley's shape drawings and fingerprint drawings, and I also contributed an illustration called "King Circle."

It's a beautifully designed book full of great stuff and it's only $12. You can buy copies from Joe at his blog here.

Both my wife and I are completely drained. Here, this is how she looks now after driving to and from New York and spending two solid days with me behind the exhibitor's table, the poor thing...

I couldn't have done any of this without her. She's amazing.

Okay, I am way waaaay behind on my emails, on the Moby-Dick project and on sending out the promo postcards. I'm going to start fixing all of that tomorrow morning, so look for emails from me by the afternoon, new art by the evening, and lots of postcards by the end of the week. Also, if you want some postcards (for free) or the little art book ($3 plus $1 shipping) send me an email. If you've already let me know you wanted postcards, I've saved every one of those emails so it's all in the bag for you, no worries.

I hope this made sense. I think my brain is on the floor now. Time to sleep. It's finally all over now. All I have to do (ha! ALL I have to do!) is just draw one Moby-Dick piece per day, every day, for the next year. Sounds like a vacation after the last few weeks.


  1. great work!
    it was great to see your art at SPACE. hope to see even more soon!

  2. Thank you Shy, SPACE was remarkably kind to me this year. I plan on being back next year, and by that time I hope to have this Moby-Dick project completed.

  3. I'm so frickin' proud of you Matt. Your blogs about Brooklyn are a treat to read, and the picture of your wife is priceless! I'm so glad the trip was worth all the trouble and hard work. HARD hard work. With fabulous results. ! -zan

  4. Thank you Zan, I think it was worth the hard work too but even now, over a week later, and I am still exhausted. It's been tough to bounce back, but I try to feel a little better each day.


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