Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have been mentioned...

I am always deeply grateful and truly humbled when other bloggers and web sites mention this project, so I like to post those links here to show my gratitude. I hope this kind of thing doesn't ever seem self-centered. Please tell me if it does, even if you email me in private.

First, Gilbert Musings, an intriguing web site devoted to the intersection of the 5 senses, the arts, and many other things, was kind enough to post a very nice update along with birthday wishes to me right here. It's always very cool for me to see my art posted on someone else's site like this, and the happy birthday wishes were even nicer. Thanks! Oh, and they also did a brief interview with me back in March which you can read here.

Next, Stephen Crowe, an illustrator and graphic designer living in France, has taken on an even more insanely ambitious, brain-melting task and is currently illustrating James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake. You can see the amazing results of his labor here and you really should because it is phenomenal, brilliant, challenging, and unlike anything you might have expected. Recently, his delightful illustration for page 15 centered on a Moby-Dick inspired line and is just sublime. He was kind enough to mention this project, to also wish me a happy birthday, and to link to a page with some interesting information about my surname and some unusual connections to Joyce's work. You can read it all at this entry here.

Okay, later today a new Infinite Zombies post and also a question for any of you out there with some internet / computer knowledge. Something weird has been happening for months and it's got me scratching my head, although it is nothing serious at all.


  1. You also got a mention on htmlgiant yesterday: http://htmlgiant.com/author-news/illustrating-mccarthy-and-melville/

  2. Thank you for pointing that out Daryl, I missed that one. It is humbling to be mentioned in such great company as Zak Smith, Sean McCarthy, John Mejias, Craig Taylor, Shawn Cheng, and Matt Wiegle. I believe the illustration above mine is by Shawn Cheng, an artist I have been lucky enough to meet and whose work I admire enormously.


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