Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So my birthday is June 4th, summer is my favorite season, June is my favorite month, and this is the month I found out that this project will be in a real art book. Just this morning, in a perfect way to close out this incredible month, Slate actually did an incredibly nice write-up about this project and about me! You can read it right here and the things they wrote about me were just amazing to read. Again, I am deeply humbled, enormously thankful, and really excited. Wow!

Alright, tonight's piece is taking longer than I thought so it will be posted tomorrow. This is only the second time I've tried to be a little realistic and the first time I've consulted some historical reference. The piece shows the blubber of the whale being peeled off, and it was such a difficult thing for me to imagine and visualize that I had to go searching for some point of reference. I liked what I saw and am trying to adapt that, with ballpoint pen no less, to my own Pequod and Starbuck and Stubb. You'll see tomorrow.

So, yeah...Slate! Man, what a great way to end June!


  1. Holy shit that was smooth writing on Slate's part.

    I'm so happy for you Matt.

  2. Kyle! It is always good to hear from you, my friend. Thanks for the kind words, I was really blown away by what they wrote at Slate.


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