Thursday, September 9, 2010

More tattoos (not based on my art this time)

Blogger Derek Woods contacted me a few weeks ago to share photos of this phenomenal Moby-Dick-inspired tattoo he’s got growing on his left arm. Derek gave me permission to post a photograph here, so take a look at this...

You can see a bit more over at Derek’s blog, awesomely (and relevantly to Moby-Dick) named theSHARKmassacre here.

The tattoo includes all sorts of brutal and beautiful whale and harpoon imagery as well as the text for the final chapter. It's really visceral and gorgeous, and I'm a bit envious actually. Derek says the tattoo was inked by Jon Mordin at Sid's Tattoo Parlor in Santa Ana, California. Between Derek’s piece and the amazing tattoo that blogger Daryl L. L. Houston just got (an image based on my illustration for page 131, which still just blows me away with how cool it is to know my art is actually on someone else)...

...I’m getting monstrously inspired to add some ink to my own skin once I finish this project. Right now I am not sure if I am going to do something based on one of the illustrations I’ve already completed, or if I am going to work with the tattoo artist and build something completely new, but no matter what I choose the tattoo will be related to Moby-Dick and this project.

Derek says there is still a bit more work to be done on his, so as the piece nears completion and he posts more photos, I’ll share the links.

Out of curiosity, does anyone else out there have a Moby-Dick-related tattoo? And are there links where I might be able to see it and possibly share it here? No worries if you'd prefer to keep it private, I won't post anything without explicit permission from you. But I think it would be fascinating to see some of them.


  1. I don't know what to say. Awesome. And tattoos just so... apt.

  2. Something about the themes of the novel seems to lend itself very well to that kind of bloody, painful and permanent skin art, definitely.


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