Saturday, November 27, 2010

My art, in France...

These drawings are very important to me, and for that reason the thought of parting with them is sometimes painful and bittersweet. Making art is a very intimate experience for me, and since I have created every one of these illustrations in great solitude and with my own two hands, they at times feel like children to me. So far, I have only sold the alternate versions of these Moby-Dick illustrations as well as a handful of other, older pieces. But I always wonder about where a piece of art will end up once it has been sold. Will it be carefully framed and hung on some wall in a place of honor, shared with friends and guests alike? Will it gather dust in a box or folder or portfolio, forgotten about until some move when the new owner decides to simply give it away or discard it? It is very rare that I ever get to find this out.

This time, though, there is very good news. Parisian blogger Lizzy G purchased this alternate illustration for page 334...

She was drawn to the skulls, much as I was when I drew it. The whole affair was made even easier by the fact that Lizzy was traveling in the states when she purchased it, so I was able to very easily ship it to her in Chicago and she was able to bring it along with her on the long flight back to France. Lizzy has been emailing me, sharing her own photos, travels, and wise words so I was able to read about the entire process of her selecting a frame, adding in some intriguing touches like including the quote in the framed piece, and finally hanging my art on the wall of her far off home. This kind of thing really makes me feel good because I know the art I made has a very loving home and, even more importantly, has brought something good and appreciated to someone’s life. Lizzy was kind enough to share some photos with me, so here is my art hanging in Paris.

First, the drawing itself in a simple but elegant frame. You can see where Lizzy had the line of text from the novel included just below the art...

Next, on the back of the frame, Lizzy included the note that I sent along with the art when I shipped it. This made me quite happy to see...

Finally, the framed art hanging on her wall, in very good company with several other pieces that are dear to her...

Thank you very much Lizzy, for giving the art a good home and for sharing this with me. If you’ve picked up any art from me and have it framed and / or hanging somewhere, send me a photo if you can. I’d like to see where these creations of mine end up. Hopefully by this time next year I will be able to put up around 550 of these posts when I sell all of these illustrations.


  1. Great post Matt - I went through the same process when I bought one of Susan Sanford's (ArtSparker) works.

  2. I truly love sharing my art with people, esepcially beyond simple blog posting. But I tend to worry so much about shipping it, even domestically. I will ship art anywhere in the world, but I worry quite a bit when it's on a boat or a plane crossing an ocean, so it was a relief to be able to send it to Chicago. And even more wonderful to know it is now hanging, framed, in France.

  3. matt, just got your email after a few days in the snow and away from computers [in luxembourg, visiting another piece of family] and came to check this out... >WOW! love seeing my home [a bit thereof] on your blog. feels so worldly and gives the whole adventure even greater relief. i must tell you your piece feels right at home here, like it's been there forever. thanks

  4. That is indeed very good to read Lizzy. It is strange how things can be connected, even if only in the most ephemeral ways, through these blogs and computers. Still, I am gald to be able to share at least that.


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