Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My art, in Virginia...

Over the course of this project, I've done a lot of thinking about whales and whenever I wanted to paint or draw something purely for fun, it's generally been an image of a whale. These images were kind of thematically linked, so I began calling them "Leviathans." For a time, they were available in my Etsy shop but I've sold all of them. I'll probably do a few more, but not for a while.

Dan in Virginia ended up being given the "Red Leviathan" as a Christmas gift from his girlfriend, which actually makes this even more wonderful for me. It's still a straneg thing for me to think people like my art enough to pay for it, but even stranger (although in a good way) to think my art is worth giving as gifts to loved ones. Dan was kind enough to frame the piece and send along this photo of it hanging in his home...

It looks to be in very good company indeed, and I am quite liking the vintage Classics Illustrated Moby-Dick cover in the upper right hand part of the photo. Also, on his bookshelf, Dan has a faced-out hardcover copy of 20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea from an illustrated series of books that is very familiar to me. When I was very young, probably 6 or 7, my father bought me a copy of Charles Kingsley's book The Heroes, collecting the stories of Perseus, Theseus, Heracles, and Jason and the Argonauts. I remember that book so well, and it is a powerful childhood memory of mine. I've not been able to track one down since, and I haven't seen the book in decades, so Dan's photo brought back a rush of memories.

So there it is...my art, now living in Virginia. Many thanks for sharing the photo, Dan, and if anyone else reading has my art framed and hanging on their wall, please send me a photo. I'd love to see it.


  1. Looks brilliant.

    For some reason (the books from the past, though not entirely that) the post made a science fiction book I loved centuries ago - The Godwhale, by T J Bass - shoot into my mind. I read it, and re-read it, at the age of 10/11 ish and I need to get a copy again right now!

  2. Titus, I had never heard of that book until your post so I looked it up online and it seems fascinating. Even stranger, apparently the author T.J. Bass was really a scientist or nutritionist or something by the last name of Bassler. He only ever wrote two science fiction novels, of which "The Godwhale" is the second, and that was it. Apparently he is still alive today although he is quite elderly. The book seems tough to track down, at least here in the States, with used copies going for rather high prices. But I will find it somehow!


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