Friday, March 25, 2011

Big book news from Tin House!

UPDATE: Some clarification about the Amazon listing for my book. There will actually be two editions. One is a hardcover (which MAY have a slipcase) which is more expensive and is listed here. The other edition is a lower priced paperback which can be seen here. Sorry for any confusion. This was a very pleasant surprise to me as well!

It's just about official now! My publisher Tin House Books now has my upcoming Moby-Dick art book, titled Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page listed on their web site in their "Coming Soon" section. And, for the first time, everyone can see the cover. This is tremendously exciting. I'll post the cover here on the blog in a little while, but I feel like Tin House ought to have first dibs on sharing that so if you'd like to see it along with the "Coming Soon" announcement, you can check it out right here.

Amazingly enough, it is also already listed for pre-order on Amazon. It's such an incredibly strange feeling to see myself, and my name, listed on Amazon. No cover there yet, but price and a tentative publication date of October 11. I knew Tin House wanted to shoot for either October or November, with the date timed to coincide with the 160th anniversary of the publication of the novel in England (October) or the United States (November) so this seems right. Anyway, you can see that listing right here.

Holy smokes.


  1. Awesome! I've already pre-ordered, and I'm posting a little announcement at the IZ blog for the handful of potentially interested folk who still stop by now and then.

  2. Fabulous!
    Would it be better for you (profit- and sales numbers-wise) to order through your publisher or through Amazon?

  3. Hey, they did Zak Smith's book too, huh? That makes sense. I like Zak-- I read his Dungeons & Dragons blog.

  4. Yay! I've pre-ordered! It even works in the UK.
    This is so exciting. It's surreal to have followed the blog and now for it to be... a book!

  5. Thank you very very much Daryl, I really do appreciate your posting that enormously. It may sound strange, but I don't really concern myself too much with making any money myself, but I do very badly want things to pay off for Tin House since they really gambled on an unknown like me.

  6. kestrelhill, that is very kind of you to ask. I had actually wondered about this thing for quite some time, well before I ever even dreamed I would have a book of my own. Fortunately, there is an answer and it is a good one. In terms of my own profit, it really does not make any difference at all whether the book is ordered through Tin House Books or And in terms of helping the publisher, I am fairly certain that they might make just a bit more if you order direct them from but I don't think it is significant. In short, if you generally order your books from Amazon, it's completely okay to order this one from them as well.

  7. mordicai, I am fairly certain that Zak's awesome book, and how successful it was for Tin House, was a big part of what paved the way for me landing at Tin House. They don't do many art books at all, but they seem to have a keen eye for putting out some really unique offerings, so it is a huge honor for me to be under their publishing umbrella.

    I've heard of Zak's D & D blog but I have never visited it. Most of my online time is on breaks at my job, and I seem to recall his blog was something about playing D & D with porn stars, right? Which sounds quite intriguing, and aslo decidedly NSFW. Perhaps I'll check it out this evening.

  8. Buck, thank you, it is thrilling to see this actually online. I've known about the cover design (and had images of it) for around a month or so now but I needed to keep it under wraps until Tin House could make a proper announcement. It is great to finally be able to share it.

  9. D'Arcangelo (I was going to type Emily but I wasn't absolutely positive about that), thank you, I am more excited than any blog post could possibly convey.

    And your art is just mind-meltingly good. In some ways I'm actually quite envious of how fantastic your art is, and I should probably put up some kind of proper link to share it. So for those of you reading this comment, click on D'Arcangelo's profile and go to her blog. Lots of Queequeg. Whales. Greatness abounds.

    A proper post will follow.

  10. Titus, so excellent you chimed in with that! I was not sure how things would work in the UK, although I knew based on the publishing contract that some foreign rights were included. This is very very good news to know that the book will reach that far, and that simply too.

    And surreal is right. Every day now is kind of a roller coaster. And the book is not even out yet. I wonder often what the future will bring.

  11. D'Arcangelo, I did not look closely enough. You are indeed Emily! Your art is wonderful under any name!

  12. This is just fantastic! I am in for a HC, SC or not!

    I'd like to share one of my favorite lines from the book, jotted in a notebook some years ago & never forgotten:

    Ah, poor Hay-Seed! how bitterly will burst those straps in the first howling gale, when thou art driven, straps, buttons, and all, down the throat of the tempest.

    Congrats on getting all this great work in a book. I really hope someone at the New Bedford Whaling Museum is hip to all this.

  13. This is absolutely surreal. Seeing on on Amazon like that. Congrats again, again, again, and again my friend.


  14. Matt,
    Congratulations! The cover image looks great on Amazon. I have pre-ordered it as well and am looking forward to it.

  15. Wieldling, I feel a bit like that Hay-Seed actually. It has already been a strange journey, and it looks to only get stranger.

    Your comments were also rather prescient. The curator of digital exhibits at the New Bedford Whaling Museum has actually been corresponding with me for some time, and I know they are interested in partnering with the publisher and promoting the book. I hope to be able to be one of the readers at their annual "Moby-Dick" marathon next January as well, with my own book in hand as well.

  16. Kyle, I have ordered so many books from Amazon, often a bit awed by how many fantastic artists there were who had books. It still stuns me to see my name and a book that I made right there in their store.

    Also, I've said this many times but it will never not be true. You knew me, and supported me, and encouraged me, many many years ago when I was drawing comics and making little art zines, xeroxing them to sell at small press shows. Great friends like you are a huge part of what has made this possible. So you, and Colt, and Rebecca, and everyone else deserve a lot of credit for that Amazon listing too.

  17. Kathryn, that is very kind of you. It's so weird for me to think of people actually pre-ordering my book! It's such a vote of confidence! Thank you, a million times.


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