Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New postcards!

The fine folks at my publisher Tin House Books have put together these incredibly lovely packs of postcards containing art from this Moby-Dick project. I believe their primary purpose is use these to promote the upcoming book at big events like BookExpo America (BEA) this summer and stuff like that. However, they were kind enough to send me a few bundles and they really look remarkable. Here's a photo of them, and please excuse the messy, paint-splattered drawing table underneath...

I am going to keep a few packs for myself, and I am going to give a few to good friends and family members, but I'll only have a small number of postcards left over. Rather than just send them out randomly to anyone who asks, I am instead going to include a postcard or two as little gifts for anyone who buys art from my Etsy shop. I wish I had a thousand and I could give them all away, but this is a pretty good idea, I think.


  1. Man, this is pretty darn awesome. Way to go Matt!


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