Friday, May 13, 2011

My art on the cover of new Tin House Books catalog

I don't Twitter (or Tweet? which is it? ...actually, I don't care) and I pretty much refuse to. Sometimes though, people Tweet (Twitter?) about me and since they're generally pretty nice I like to read them when I can.

So, according to this Tweet / Twitter from my publisher Tin House Books, my illustration for page 534 of Moby-Dick, which you can see right here was used as the cover of the new Tin House Books catalog. Here's a shot of the catalog...

That illustration is easily one of my favorites from the entire Moby-Dick series, and probably one of the best drawings I've ever done. I'm immensely fond of it, and I think it looks quite nice on the cover of that catalog. Hopefully Tin House will send me one so I can take a look for myself. Only 6 more months until the art book hits the shelves!


  1. Congratulations on the cover! This was an epic illustration. Did you do the coloring yourself or did the tin house people wash it in? I like the subtle colors here. I've always been intrigued by the division of labor among comic book artists, inkers, and colorists. Always wondered how often one says to the other, "no, that's not what I meant at all?"

  2. Very cool indeed, Buck!

    And Winston, the coloring in this piece was all done by me. It started as a pen and ink drawing on plain white watercolor paper, and then I painstakingly added layer after layer of almost translucent grey wash to parts of the piece to get that effect. I wanted it to look like those incredibly beautiful Arthur Rackham fairy tale and myth illustrations, and it actually came pretty close. Tin House did a great job of taking what I'm sure was an imperfect scan and tweaking it just enough to really bring out the warmth and translucency of that ink wash.

  3. i love the look of this
    i am amzed to constently rediscover drawings i had necessarily seen along the way and that seem brand new as i scroll through you list or in the case of this...


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