Thursday, June 30, 2011

The long journey begins

Well, Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page will be out in just about 3 months on October 11 and the publicity machine is revving up. This is all so very strange to me, but so far things have gone pretty well and most people have been genuinely nice and, most importantly, normal. It should be an interesting next few months though.

Now that the book's debut is drawing closer, my publisher Tin House Books has really started to promote it in some genuinely wonderful ways, starting with this mention on their blog. Of course, to those of you who have followed this project from the beginning, almost two years ago (!), these images are hardly sneak previews, but to everyone who found out a bit later, or may be learning about the book just now, these teases will hopefully get them interested enough to want to learn more.

And in an even stranger twist, that blog post contains a link to the Twitter feed that Tin House has started, which will contain even more sneak previews and other tidbits about the book for the next few months. I don't have a Twitter account myself (you'd probably laugh if you saw my phone, which is the farthest thing from a smart phone in the world) but I'm really kind of fascinated and thrilled at how Tin House is using all sorts of digital channels to promote the book. I hope to help as much as I can, so you might end up seeing more interviews with me and mentions of the book on other sites and blogs in the next few months.

Anyway, check out the blog post, and the Twitter feed too.


  1. Matt: I am really excited that all of the drawings will be collected in one volume. Each time I view your blog, I am amazed by the quality of the art and the quality of the intellectual engagement of the novel. I shared your blog with the students in my Spring Moby Dick class; and am loking forward to sharing the book next Spring.

  2. Hello Herman, and thank you for the kind words. I think I am probably the most ludicrously excited of all about this book. It is hard to fathom that it is still 3 long months away.

    I truly mean this when I write that learning that this humble project of mine has been shared in classrooms means more to me than just about anything else. I know that these pieces are by no means the definitive face of the novel, but if this art can excite and intrigue even a handful of students...well, that would be an incredible honor. Thank you for sharing my work this way, that kind of thing means more to me than all the gallery shows in the world.


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