Friday, June 24, 2011

Upcoming appearances: ALA Annual Conference, New Orleans, June 26

In real life, I am a librarian.

In an odd turn of events, my publisher Tin House Books will have a booth at this year's ALA (American Library Association) Annual Conference, in the exhibitor's hall, this weekend in New Orleans. Since I will be there for my job, they have kindly invited me to spend some time at their booth on Sunday June 26th. The book is not yet complete, and I don't even think they will have galley copies, but Tin House does put out a wonderful literary quarterly journal as well as an astonishingly wide array of fantastic fiction and non-fiction so there will be lots to check out.

I'll be sitting there from 11am until either noon or 1pm with a big stack of those beautiful promo postcards with art from the Moby-Dick that Tin House made up for me (I know some of you who bought art from me have some of these), signing them, talking about the book, and so on. So if you're a librarian and happen to be at the Conference (it's absurdly expensive to get in, so I can't imagine anyone coming to it unless they were somehow associated with libraries), stop by and visit. I'll even draw you a picture if you like.


  1. Our library marketing folks will be there, but alas not I! Have a lovely time!

  2. Ah, bummer. I should like to meet you some day. It seems we share more interests than I would have thought possible. New Orleans should be intriguing though. This is my first time there, and although it will be an exhausting working weekend, I plan to see at least a bit of the city.

  3. Enjoy! Sounds like an absurd/fun time :).


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