Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well, not ALL of them...

Yesterday the Huffington Post ran a piece about me which I thought was pretty fantastic. However, there was a slight misquote. While the article indicates I said "There's a lot of artists out there, they're real assholes..." what I actually said was that SOME of them are real asholes. I don't think all artists, or even most of them, are assholes. But yeah, some of them really are, and some of them have been real assholes right to me. I don't regret saying that at all.

Really though, most of the artists I have either met or corresponded with have been fantastic and I don't think they're assholes at all. People like Shawn Cheng, Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd, Joe Kuth, Cheryl Sorg, Jeffrey Meyer, Sophie Blackall, Tom Williams, Kyle Wallace, Craig Bogart, Aaron M. Fitzwater, Andy Bennett, Matt Dembicki, John Mejias, Matt Wiegle and Steve Loya have all, at various times, offered me thoughtful critique, genuine encouragement, needed advice, and simple friendship. Their kindness has balanced out the sometimes scathing treatment I've received from some other, well...assholes.

And that's that.


  1. Kyle, you are honestly the definitive anti-asshole. And I mean that as a huge compliment, even though it probably sounds kind of weird.


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