Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Studio visit video, part 6 of 6

The end...


  1. Hey Matt, big big congrats man! It was great getting caught up at your blog, finally. Very inspiring videos and the book looks spectacular. You're hard work has paid off and is truly an inspiration. I still believe you should get your work in some shows, but that's your choice. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to owning a copy of your book soon (I'm thinking of going for hardbound). All the best!

  2. Hello Steve, it is always awesome to hear from you! There is actually some good news on the show front. I will be showing between 150 and 180 pieces at a show of my very own at the Powell's Books gallery in Portland in November of this year. Also, the Wexner Center for the Arts, which is hosting my official book launch event in October, is going to hang a few pieces as well. So the ball is finally rolling, and I am really very happy with the way these things are shaking out.

    As for the hardbound, if you can afford it, definitely go for that one. It is absolutely gorgeous, and they did an incredible job designing the slipcase and the inside covers as well. It's amazing.

  3. Came by from my friend Titus' blog.

    First congratulations! What an undertaking! Secondly, the irony of Titus' post on you was that I JUST finished "Moby Dick" the day before. I'd admitted to her that I'd never read the book but promised to do so before I turned 75. :) Then I decided, why wait 22 years? So I got the audio version, as I commute. That would be the unabridged 18 CD version, which kept me company for almost 2 months on my ride home.

    Best wishes to you and much success with your book!

  4. Hello Hope and thank you very very much for the kind words. And I heartily approve of slogging through the entire unabridged's a hell of a journey, but worth every second!


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