Thursday, January 26, 2012

Go, look at these...

Or "look at this" since this time it's just one.

Those who have visited this blog regularly are probably already aware of my fondness for collage. I recently became aware of the artist John Moriarty who maintains a blog called YawnMo Productions where he has been posting work in metal, in gourds (!) and in collage, like this...

That is but one of many, and there is more intriguing work at the link so take a look.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I love that image. Unfortunately, your link to John Moriarty's blog seems to no longer work: "Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist." Bummer.

  2. Argh! I posted the link incorrectly! It's fixed now. Thanks for catching this.

  3. Thanks for fixing! Eye-feasting awaits....(P.S. I'm a fan of your work, too - long-time blog reader, and bought the book as well. Such impressive work!)

  4. Thank you Zach, that is very kind of you. It's been a surreal year, but by and large an amazing and good one.


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