Friday, January 27, 2012

Gygax's Inferno

Okay, I asked and I received. I got a whole bunch of electronic help already...PDFs, scans, links, etc. And I have the promise of some real live books coming as well. So here's where things stand right now for what's coming up...

-Bel, Arch-devil of Avernus (first circle)

-Dispater, Arch-devil of Dis (second circle)

-Mammon, Arch-devil of Minauros (third circle)

-Belial, Arch-devil of Phlegethos (fourth circle)

-Fierna, consort / daughter to Belial and sometimes ruler of Phlegethos

-Levistus, Arch-devil of Stygia (fifth circle)

-Geryon, Arch-devil, deposed ruler of Stygia (fifth circle)

-Glasya, Arch-duchess of Malebolge (sixth circle)

-Moloch, Arch-devil, deposed ruler of Malebolge (sixth circle)

-Baalzebul, Arch-devil of Maladomini (seventh circle)

-Mephistopheles, Arch-devil of Cania (eighth circle)

-Asmodeus, Arch-devil of Nessus (ninth circle)

I'm skipping the Hag Countess Malagard because she is more or less dead and gone and I'm sticking to Baalzebul's non-slug form because I like the way he looked in the first edition Monster Manual way better. Plus, I am pretty much ignoring everything that was created or changed after the Monster Manual II because it's all just so unfamiliar to me.

There will also be these...

The Dark Eight (all Pit Fiends)

-Greater Devil: Horned (Malebranche)
-Greater Devil: Ice
(Just can't call it a gelugon, sorry)
-Greater Devil: Pit Fiend
-Greater Devil: Styx

-Lesser Devil: Abishai
-Lesser Devil: Barbed
-Lesser Devil: Bearded
-Lesser Devil: Bone
-Lesser Devil: Erinyes
-Lesser Devil: Spined

-Least Devil: Nupperibo


Looks like a total of 24 32 pieces. A bit more than I would have imagined, but this should be great fun.


  1. wah no demons/tanar'ri.
    I always thought they were far more visually snazzy than the devils, hezrou , vrocks, glaberzu , nabussu, etc. MAybe it's my bias for the chaotic though. Am excited about seeing you do the arch devils!

  2. Actually, I'm in total agreement about the Demons being a lot more visually interesting than the Devils. In a weird way, I think it's that the consistency / Lawful Evil nature of the Devils appeals to me. It's something I can really twist around and subvert with these pieces. I also like that there's a more finite number of Arch-devils and Nine Hells. The whole 666 layers of the Abyss thing is awesome...and terrifying. If I enjoy this, some day I'll probably do the Demons too. I'd love to see what I could do with a Vrock or a Nalfeshnee. But between the Devils and the Demons, I would definitely do the Slaadi and the Modrons (from the Monster Manual II) first. I love those weirdos.

  3. "The Dark Eight" might be a neat idea, too?

  4. Mordicai, I quite like those and the number and idea fit nicely with the overall concept. I will be adding them in, and many thanks for the suggestion and the link to the info.

  5. If/when you do slaadi don't forget about the weird "epic" variants, the white & the black ones!

  6. I always thought the Slaadi had potential, but came short with "green, blue, red" types. Yawn. I would do it like "fizzing, bleached, desiccated, verminous and radiant" types
    Death Slaadi still rule. Love the picture from fiend folio? or was it monster manual 2?

  7. Mordicai, that was a pretty fascinating read. I would have thought that they were two separate things, so it was even stranger to discover that a death slaad becomes a white slaad and may then even later become a black slaad. Bizarre.

    I also discovered there is a slaad lord named Bazim-Gorag the Firebringer, which is just remarkably awesome.

    And this: "Unlike non-epic slaadi, a black slaad does not drop its tongue as an item upon death." (!!!)

  8. Scrap Princess, that is an absolutely perfect idea! The whole slaadi series would be too short without some additions, so when I get to it I will once again ask for permission to use those names. Also, based on your thinking, I thought of bleeding, mellifluous, prismatic, quantophrenic, spumescent and slangrel. Awesome!

  9. This sounds fantastic. As a long time D&D lover who also basically only read the books, I can't wait.

  10. I will totally race you to draw all these slaadi first

  11. Apolon, I remember you from the gallery in Manhattan, correct? The wait won't be long, I promise. I hope to be posting some new work this weekend, or early next week. It's been a horribly busy week, but the ideas are piling up and need to get out.

  12. Scrap Princess, that's a race I can't refuse. If you can hold off just a bit so I can wrap some things up and get some of these Devils all taken care of, we'll go head to head!

  13. Well, Scrap Princess has already completed all ELEVEN of these amazing Slaadi, which you really need to see right here. I'm still gonna do mine, but hers are phenomenally good so I am conceding right now.

  14. Ha, it was cruel of me, just when you posted about "wow I have all these creatures to draw, this is heaps", and I pull the old "race you to this post I'm standing beside READYSETGO I WIN"
    But your words were much fancier.
    Love to see what your take is going to be

  15. Like I said, never have I been so happy to have my ass kicked. Your Slaadi were DIVINE. I keep going back and looking at them, and I have to stop (at least for a while) so mine look like my own. But yours are SO GOOD.


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