Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"The Snow Whale" by John Minichillo

Shortly after finishing my Moby-Dick illustrations, I was approached by the author John Minichillo. He had just completed his novel The Snow Whale, a brilliant, hilarious, and entirely modern take on Moby-Dick featuring a "mild mannered suburban office worker" who discovers he is part-Inuit and decided to reclaim his heritage by participating in his peoples' whale hunt.

The book had already been sent to the printer so there wasn't any possibility of me supplying art for the print version, but John asked if I would be willing to create a few illustrations based on his novel that the two of us could use to promote both his book and mine online, which made a lot of sense since each of us was examining Moby-Dick through a very modern and very personal lens. John sent me a copy of his book, I read it, and I was thrilled. It was a wonderful book, and even though I was still constantly pressed for time, I was able to create 6 illustrations based on The Snow Whale, all of which drew very heavily from my own Moby-Dick illustrations. These were great fun to create, and I'm excited to share them again this way.

Also, for anyone interested in Moby-Dick or just great storytelling, John's book The Snow Whale is available at the link. Give it a read, it is really exceptionally good.


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