Saturday, February 25, 2012

SOLAR BROTHERS: Solar Brother #20

5.5 inches by 8.5 inches
ink on Bristol board


  1. Conversations from my home:

    "Your Matt Kish moment for the day! This is the one that reminds me the most of you."

    "'YAYYYYY!' Or is it crying?"

    "No, I think it's just going 'YOP YOP YOP YOP YOP.'"

  2. dear matt, scrolling backwards after time away (from my blog thus from your) i'm liking this stuff a lot. love this one particular guy, i kind of tap my feet thinking oh, friend friend friend, oh this is too good!
    (11pm and tired may explain the slightly delirious reaction...)
    well, carry on!

  3. I am thrilled more than you could possibly imagine to know that in your home there are occasional "Matt Kish moments." That is truly truly wonderful to learn!

    Knowing you, and having absolutely no conception - visually, personally, or otherwise - of your partner, I am struggling in the most delicious way with the mystery of who said "This is the one that reminds me the most of you you" to the other. Let me savor this a bit longer. Although I haven't forgotten the theme of fuzziness with the names.

  4. Lizzy, I truly think that a delirious reaction may be the best one when it comes to these Solar Brothers. Very few of them were created in what I would term sane and rational states of mind on my part, so I think a great deal of that mental slipperiness shines through.


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