Thursday, May 24, 2012

All art for sale

I finally did it! Now, in my Etsy shop I have finally listed every single remaining piece of art that is available. Check it out! Within you will find every remaining illustration from Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page, including this one...

The remaining 9 of my 10 illustrations from last summer's first attempt at Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, including this one...

My 6 promotional illustrations for author John Minichillo's remarkable postmodern take on Moby-Dick entitled The Snow Whale, including this one...

The remaining 5 of my Slaadi drawings, based on my hazy recollections of those frog demons from the Dungeons & Dragons guide The Fiend Folio, including this one...

And finally, this old favorite, which still needs a home...

And the prices range from $10 on up. There's a lot of stuff there so take a look. And don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


  1. hi matt___ love that white, round-toothed whale on pink ____ also thought of you because
    ...i finally picked up today the (long awaited) framed verminous slaad to send ruben in MT
    ...saw an old film about a young beluga (nicknamed Moby...) that once swam the rhein river upstream for 4 weeks (under the gaze of thousands of concerned and curious onlookers) until he/she/it reached the HG of the german govt in Bohn (to alert them/the world to the danger his kind were in?) hung out for a while and then, in 48 hrs, floated back to sea
    ... and found some music i will send you when i can get it - it's out of stock now. will explain when the time comes.
    nice being in touch this brief moment.

  2. hello matt - where are you? where did my comment go? with admiring words for your white on pink, round-toothed whale, which i love... well, hope you are well and tbc. lizzy de paris

  3. Hello lizzy! So sorry for the long delay. I had scheduled several updates on the blog to go up automatically since I knew I would be traveling and away from the computer for my birthday. Finally back.

    That whale was great fun for me to draw. I am kind of sad to part with it in a way, but I have seen so much of whales for the last few years I think I can manage. I saw an email from you with the Verminous Slaad framed, I am looking forward to digging in to that. You will have a private reply soon!

  4. phew! glad you're back. cheers lizzy


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