Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My new Tumblr

So if you "like" me on Facebook you might already know this, but I now have a Tumblr called, appropriately enough, spudd 64. It was rather strongly suggested to me that I create both a Tumblr and a Twitter account. I'm still getting the hang of both, so expect news about the Twitter account in a week or so.

I had no real idea why a Tumblr would even matter. I figured that since I already have this fairly thorough blog documenting a few years of art, what did Tumblr have to offer me? Or you, for that matter? I've gone on record as stating that I thought Tumblr was pretty pointless, and primarily a way for hipsters to show how cool they are by aggregating content that they had no hand in creating. I think I might have used the word "sickening." Ah well, the follies of youth.

I guess Tumblr is good because it allows for easy sharing and endless connections, which seems to matter a lot these days. With that in mind though, the idea of sharing content from other artists still didn't sit well with me. It just didn't seem like a good fit. So, in keeping with the idea of speed, portability, easy connections and immediacy, I've decided to use my Tumblr as a home for all of my sketches and sketchbooks, dashed off ideas, raw ideas, and quick photos. It's a kind of incubator for the ideas which will take their final form here, on this blog, as well as on my own web site On this blog, I have the room to talk in greater depth about my own art and illustrations, but at my Tumblr it will be a deluge of ideas and images. There will occasionally, I am sure, be images from other artists that I share and re-blog, but the majority of the content there will be images of my own. Just very different images from what you see here.

I'll be cleaning up this blog a bit, removing a few posts that would have been better suited for that new Tumblr. But you shouldn't notice much difference. So when you get a chance, visit my Tumblr. Check it out, share a few posts, follow me so I don't feel like a fool. You'll get to see an awful lot of stuff from my sketchbooks and journals too, like this...


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