Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'Moby-Dick in Pictures' eBook on sale for about $10

For those of you always on the go, with limited space, or passionate about eBooks, the digital version of my book Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page is currently on sale at Amazon for an astounding $10 and reKiosk for $9.99. You'll have to scroll down a bit at that reKiosk link to see my book, although there are a number of other fantastic offerings from Tin House Books there. Plotto in particular is a blast to page through.

Best yet, if you do purchase the eBook, you can email your receipt to theopenbar@tinhouse.com and they will send you some promotional postcards from the book. I ran out of these a long long time ago, so this is your best chance to get them. Each one is a beautiful reproduction of one of the illustrations from my book.


  1. what?! the hard cover now sells for 104 at amazon?! phew!! don't do kindle and couldn't figure out (yet) how to get it for my people in montana (where the slaad found home) but i will. by the by came upon the rave reviews from readers on the site. so well deserved! tbc lizzy

  2. Yeah, that hardcover thing is kind of crazy. Due to what I assume was a very very understandable uncertainty on my publisher's part in terms of how well the book would sell, they only printed a very small number of hardcovers. About 90% of the total print run was for the paperback edition. The hardcovers sold out very quickly, so those inflated prices are from secondhand sellers looking to make a quick buck. It kind of bugs me a bit, but I've paid big bucks for out of print books that I desperately wanted so I guess that's just the way things work.


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