Thursday, October 18, 2012

Huffington Post on J.A. Tyler and Chris Anthony

Two good pieces in the Huffington Post recently.

J.A. Tyler (pictured above), is the founder of Mud Luscious Press. He is also a writer and an editor and discusses that and much more in this. Mud Luscious is publishing Robert Kloss' novel The Alligators of Abraham and their stable of fiction and poetry is remarkable. J.A. was even kind enough to call me a genius in the interview, which came as quite a surprise.

(An aside here. Did you know that it is very very important for me to know what someone looks like? This is the first picture I have seen of J.A. Tyler, even though he and I have been corresponding about The Alligators of Abraham for the better part of year. The fact that I did not know what he looked like unsettled me. A lot. I really need to be able to see who I am dealing with. Perhaps it is because I am so visual, I don't know. But it really bothers me when I can't.)

Photographer Chris Anthony whose recent Kickstarter campaign to fund his photography book Seas Without a Shore was successful (I am very excited to see my copy of the book) is profiled in this piece along with a slideshow of his work. Take a look.

And don't be weirded out if I end up asking some of you who email me to send me a photo of you as well. It helps.

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  1. Another aside. I never would have guessed J.A. looked like that. He's been really nice in his emails, almost nebbish really, and he kind of looks like a badass or an MMA fighter in that shot. Just goes to show ya, I guess.


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