Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My art, in two places...

Paul was one of the small handful of people to contact me right around the time my book Moby-Dick in Pictures was released. He is an educator, something that matters a great deal to me, and shared a lot about himself and his family with me. While we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, I do feel we forged a kind of friendship through our emails. Paul acquired a few of my illustrations, and he recently sent along this photo of them framed and hanging. What I especially liked about this was that Paul hand-selected the wood for the frame and oversaw the entire process himself. That kind of personal attention, love and care assures me that my art is being taken care of very well. Here are those pieces, hanging in Michigan, framed along with the postcard reproductions of them.

Also, in my wonderful July visit to the island of Nantucket, I met Anne M. We had some intriguing conversations, and Anne also acquired a few of my illustrations. She recently sent along this photo of them, framed and hanging. It does my heart good to know that some of my whale art is living on the island of Nantucket. That really seems like a great honor to me.


  1. Joan Druett recently highlighted your Moby Dick in her blog:

  2. Thanks Buck, Im will have to repost that link. Those were some exceptionally kind words.


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