Thursday, November 29, 2012

SKETCHBOOKS: moleskine 001

Left: "A Machine in Hell (1)."

Right: "A Machine in Hell (2)."


  1. Hey Matt! Your art is up today at "Moby Dick Big Read"!

    Your drawing more than holds its own with the other art on display there. Really strong.


  2. Thank you Titus. It has been painful to work through but also cleansing in a way. I am looking very much forward to finishing 'Heart of Darkness' and purging these dark thoughts from my mind.

  3. Thanks RC, Philip Hoare just emailed me to let me know too. I was in the process of typing up a brief post about it when your comment landed. Thanks for the kind words about the art too. I don't often allow myself to "put on airs," so to speak, but I agree. I do think my art has earned its place in this incredible assemblage and it is an enormous honor to be a part of it.


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