Thursday, December 20, 2012

SKETCHBOOKS: moleskine 001 (or, it's not you, it's me)

Many of you were very kind after that last post, either leaving well-wishing comments or contacting me privately. I tend to be very cynical about social networking and online relationships but that cynicism has occasionally proven to be wrong and this was one of those instances. Thank you, sincerely, for your kindness.

It's funny, but shortly after that Monday post I got violently ill. Debilitating weakness, chills, body aches, fever, shortness of breath, explosive coughing. Misery, all around. Was my life somehow paralleling Kurtz's? Did my ego know no limit since this is not the second or even the third time I had compared myself to a famous literary character? It doesn't matter. I've decided that the way forward is not to wallow in this but to confront it swiftly, brutally and perhaps violently. There will be no more running.


  1. Sending strength & grace to match the courage. You are amazing, my friend.

  2. dear matt, seems to me you have quite an awesome collection of supporters and genuine admirers and friends, even via the internet and blogs, limited as those relations may be. my various people are scattered all over and i find myself blessed with such a rich far away network (not met on the net through my work, that's true). we never met, per se, but your generosity has been friend-like to me and, in this peculiar and limited way of the net, i think of you as a far away friend, of sorts - and refer to you as such when i name the very real pieces of art of yours that live in my house (and elsewhere too). do get well (i find there is something to say for illness and fever though - i relish it when it comes) - and forward on. be well. in admiration and www friendship, lizzy

  3. ps was on this and thought of you, hence my visit:
    and further
    take care

  4. Thank you both, Sandy and Lizzy. In spite of the somewhat incessant and marginally embarrassing online kvetching I do, I truly do feel fortunate to live the life that I do, filled as it is (online and off) with remarkable and wonderful people. The challenge, and the danger, of a project like this is that it pulls one inward, away from all that, and cuts one off from the things that matter most and sustain us all - friendship, love and companionship. I tend to get too heavily involved in the art, the making of the art, and the ideas behind it and that all pulls me far far away from that which keeps me sane. Thankfully, I am nearing the end.

  5. Also Lizzy, thank you for those links. I have actually seen some of Luke Insect's art before ( I wish I could remember where ) and was really struck by it. He is amazing!


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