Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SKETCHBOOKS: moleskine 001

Left: "Priest in Hell."

Right: "Wealthy Man With Broken Hands in Hell."


  1. hello matt! i absolutely adore the layout of your month - like an advent calendar with its treasures in the open; i am, as always, in awe at the impressive output, i mean such profusion and such good stuff both. & the idea of the sketchbook has me drooling and i love those pages - drawing and title... good to have a little visit with you. cheers lizzy

  2. I really like that idea of the advent calendar! My mother would share one with me every Christmas as a child and I looked forward to opening those little doors every single morning. That is a wonderful analogy.

    The sketchbook has been very good for me in terms of giving me other outlets for ideas, practice for certain techniques, and an open appropriate space for various experiments which can be total failures or real successes. I'm addicted.


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