Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WORKS: Nazgul

Nazgul Week continues here with my second study. This one is quite different, and I was thinking more about greed, appetite, and lust. I have never been too interested in the overly specific, slavishly faithful representations anyway and I wanted to start pushing these in different directions. Still, I am not sure how well I think this one works. There is something there, yes, but it's not quite right. There might even be a bit of Tove Jansson's Groke in here, which was unintentional and a bit surprising. I suppose that's what a study is for though. In the end, I still like this piece, I am just not yet sure where it fits.

Title: Nazgul Study #002

11 inches by 14 inches
acrylic paint, ink, metallic ink and pencil on watercolor paper
November 22, 2012

And, the metallic ink of the ring. I really like the way I've got the ring in this one. I'll be exploring that further.


  1. Oh, I haven't seen #1 yet! I like the inclusion of the ring, that is Important.

  2. The bottom one seems more... consuming to me. Scary and compelling. I like it.

  3. Mordicai, I definitely thought that rings were going to be an essential visual element, to connect all nine. Especially because at this stage I am still experimenting with so many ideas I am not sure yet how this will all settle out.

    On a personal level, I can't decide which idea I like more, the Nazgul wearing their rings, or the rings being held by Sauron in order to keep them firmly enslaved.

  4. Thanks Buck, that is what I had hoped for. I wasn't sure if the slab-like figure would convey that well enough, but the more I see this one the more I think it is effective.


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