Thursday, December 13, 2012

WORKS: Nazgul

I wasn't sure where this one was headed at first. And after I completed it, I wasn't sure where it had ended up. This is, so far, my favorite of these Nazgul studies, but I am not sure why. I don't know if it's because this is the most defined, recognizable, and humanoid, which both makes the piece instantly appealing but also less ambitious. Also, there are a lot of pieces here which I'm not sure fit. At least yet. It has some Nazgul in it, yes, and sometimes I look at it and think "This is my Witch-King of Angmar." Then a minute or two later I look again and see some Balrog in it and wonder if it is not instead one of those. Much to consider, but then again, that is why these are studies. What do you think?

Title: Nazgul Study #004

11 inches by 14 inches
ink, metallic ink and pencil on watercolor paper
November 28, 2012

And, the metallic ink of the ring...


  1. There is oodles of balrog in there, but the detail on the armor roots it in the ringwraiths, I think. If the flame colour was more green or even white, then it would have a very spectral feel to it-- as it is, it sort of could be indicative of the Lidless Eye?

    Also, I don't know if you are familiar with Aaron Diaz, but he has a very different style but sort of similar ideas:

  2. Mordicai, I am starting to see things more and more your way, especially the more I think through the idea of the Nazgul and that hollow, spectral, hungry stillness. The armor really does tie it to the Nazgul but the flames really scream Balrog much more so. Especially given how Tolkien describes the Balrogs as "spirits of fire."

    I had come across that single, black and white image of Diaz in my online searching for Tolkien images but had not seen more of his work. He is quite accomplished, and I will be spending some time looking at the rest of his work. Thanks, man.


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