Thursday, January 3, 2013

Annotated "Moby-Dick" on Kickstarter

Okay, this was one I simply could not let slip without mentioning it here. This is PERFECT. I know many of you are familiar with Meg Guroff and her brilliant web site Power Moby-Dick, a richly and thoroughly annotated full text version of Melville's great novel as well as a treasury of intriguing and constantly updated links to all sorts of Moby-Dick ephemera. It's really an amazing site. Meg has written to let me know of a wonderful new Kickstarter project originating in the United Kingdom. Writer Chris Routledge is hoping to create a physical, print edition of Moby-Dick complete with all of the annotations from the web site Power Moby-Dick. It looks to be a huge, heavy, beautiful and necessary object, especially to someone like me who is so deeply fond of physical books and leery of digital reading.

You can read much more about the project, including Chris' vision for the book and some information about the paperback and hardcover editions and the overall design, at the Kickstarter page here. While this project is based in the U.K., anyone worldwide can contribute and aquire a copy of the book, although international shipping will be slightly higher. Additionally, Chris hopes to have the book complete and printed and ready to release at a Moby-Dick marathon he is organizing for the University of Liverpool at the Merseyside Maritime Museum starting on May 4th of this year. The funding goal for the project goes entirely toward the production of the book, and any additional profits will help assist the planned marathon.

So if you, like me, are fascinated by Moby-Dick or enjoy collecting different editions of great works of literature, this is a project that you should support. I know I will, and I can't wait to hold this thing in my hands.


  1. Thanks for posting this Matt, it's very much appreciated. I am looking forward to getting this book into people's hands. It is, as you say, necessary.

  2. Chris, it is an honor. I know this will get funded, and I can't wait to get my own copy. PowerMobyDick is amazing!


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