Thursday, January 3, 2013

COMMISSIONS: "Moby-Dick" bookmarks

This was surprisingly difficult. Someone asked me to create a few unique, original, handmade, Moby-Dick themed bookmarks as a Christmas gift. I experimented with some different sizes and settled on something I thought was appropriately bookmark-ish but wide enough to give my art some room to breathe. And even that proved to be very narrow! Ultimately, I'm pretty happy with how these turned out, although it pushed me more in a design direction than an illustration direction. Oh, these measure around two inches by seven inches. Here's the front of each one...

And here's the back. The quotes on each are from the novel and connect with the image on the front.


  1. These are really fantastic. You have a good eye for design, and honestly, if you mass-produced these somehow, they would sell really well. I could see you doing a whole line of literary bookmarks--if you ever had the time, that is. Nicely done!

  2. dear matt* i am an absolute fan of bookmarks - i collect and give away commercial bookmarks, make them out of found images... whatever. i think commissioning exclusive bookmarks was brilliant and - needless to say but i'll say it anyway - i love what you made of it.
    * so very 20th century of my, i am persisting in addressing people and closing off. so, cheerio...

  3. i mean so 20th century of me, of course

  4. Thank you Rudy. It was more difficult than I had imagined, and I can now see why some artists build an entire career doing nothing but Ex Libris bookplates. But I am very happy with these first efforts, and there may be more some day.

  5. Lizzy, I think I might have known that about you. There is something fascinating about the reverence that readers have for bookmarks. Truly, any old scrap of paper will do, but we find these talismans and treasure them as our gatekeepers for these stories we dive into. Intriguing.


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