Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December was a hell of a month

I'm wondering when it will come time to do a Monthly Rundown post and it will have maybe one or two pieces of art and a title like "June was a boring month!" Some day. Anyway, although I am not quite done, I can see the end of the Heart of Darkness illustrations, largely due to a an obsessive and furious drive to complete them this month. Here, with a handful of other work, is the monthly total. So much stuff it took two photos this time.

1: The fifth and, so far, last of my Nazgul studies. Not sure when I will get back to these, but I will.

2 through 19: Pages 60 through 77 of Heart of Darkness. Some really good stuff here. I'm proud of it.

20: My second commission, which I will be posting soon. An illustration based on Dostoevsky's Notes From Underground.

21: A handful of Moleskine sketchbook pages. Not much time to do more this month.

22: The conclusion of my Laser Brigade web comic The Vortex Guardian: Fear which I did for my good friend Leighton. I will be posting the entire thing, along with more of an explanation about it, some time this month.

23 through 36: Pages 78 through 91 of Heart of Darkness. I really think this is going to be an incredible book when it is complete and published. I'm looking forward to that.

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