Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Dive Deeper" and KCET

KCET in Los Angeles recently posted an article on Professor George Cotkin's brilliant new book Dive Deeper: Journeys With Moby-Dick.

Writer Sarah Linn was kind enough to interview me for the article, and they used some of my Moby-Dick illustrations as well which is always an honor. But most important is Cotkin's book which, through its own 135 chapters, explores the many many ways in which Moby-Dick has shaped our own culture, with particular focus on the arts. It's really an unusual and fascinating approach to this piece of the Canon, and a deeply enjoyable read. So check out Linn's piece, and if you are an admirer of the White Whale, look into getting a copy of Cotkin's book which is out now.

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