Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Like" us! Really "like" us!

My favorite book of 2012 was Robert Kloss' The Alligators of Abraham. Yes, I designed and drew the entire cover as well as three interior illustrations for the book, but honestly I wanted to do that after reading an initial manuscript and pretty much volunteered for the job. It's been many many years since I read a piece of contemporary fiction that made such a bloody, bruising impact on my imagination and I highly recommend the book to all of you. Also, the book now has a Facebook page you can "like" which somehow I just discovered this morning. I like this because Robert (or whoever is administering the page) frequently posts links to reviews of the book which are intriguing for me to read. So first, read the book and then "like" the page. Also, follow Robert Kloss. A goddamned fine writer indeed.

Also, as an egotistical aside, I too have a Facebook page and you can "like" me there. I post all kinds of stuff, mostly art but sometimes questions, and you can do all kinds of things there that lame blogs like this don't allow. So check me out while you're there.

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