Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mark Beyer: With/Without Text talk and reception tonight!

Obviously, I am quite excited about this. Tonight from 5pm to 8pm is the reception and gallery talk for the Mark Beyer Retrospective With / Without Text at the Ohio State University Urban Arts Space in Columbus, Ohio.

This is the first in-depth retrospective of Beyer's work and an important look at a unique and indispensable visionary. From that link, this retrospective will include "more than 70 of Beyer's original works, including comic strips, silkscreens, paintings in reverse created on glass paperweights, as well as sheets of plexiglass and original commissioned artwork for concert posters and record and magazine covers. A series of MTV animated shorts will also be on view, along with many other posters, prints, mini comics, books and ephemera.". I will definitely be there, along with my good friend Gigantic Joe Kuth, probably around 6pm or so. If you're anywhere near the central Ohio area, find your way to the show and take a look at some essential art.

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