Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why, America? WHY?

A Japanese-language comic and design blog which I think is called YoiComic has a wonderful post highlighting the 100 best manga cover designs of 2012. There are some rather pedestrian covers, yes, but for the most part the work on display is just gorgeous. One of my many favorites was this, a cover for a manga I believe is called Earthling or maybe The Thinker. The cover was designed by Tatsuro Kiuchi who I think may have done the art as well. It's hard to tell, even with Google translate. But the art speaks for itself. Look at this!

And here in America, we get a steady diet of this garbage instead. And comics fans still wonder why they are so often pegged as socially maladjusted idiot fanboys with unhealthy adolescent power fantasies and all the aesthetic subtlety of sweating, cheese-eating, mouth-breathing 15 year old boys smelling of sweat socks and Axe body spray. BACKED INTO A CORNER! THIRSTY FOR BLOOD! FURIOUS WITH ANYTHING BUT THE DULLEST AND MOST BANAL DESIGN AND ART!

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