Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Inside the Whale" and "Wild Bill's Run"

Last January, I was invited to Fargo, North Dakota by filmmaker Greg Carlson, for a number of things which included a strange sort of collaboration for a video installation he is working on, a book signing, and a speaking gig at Concordia College. It was an absolutely fantastic experience, and I wrote at length about it, with plenty of photos, in this post. The friendships I formed there have borne fruit yet again, and Greg and filmmaker Mike Scholtz will be coming to the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio on February 28 for a double feature screening of their documentaries Inside the Whale and Wild Bill's Run, starting at 7pm.

The first documentary, Inside the Whale, is a short piece about me. While I was in Fargo, Greg Carlson interviewed me a few times, filmed me drawing, and put together some other intriguing stuff that he's woven together in this really well done ten minute glimpse into my Moby-Dick project and my obsession with Melville's great book. I don't like to see myself on screen or hear myself talk, but trust me, this is actually a beautifully done and almost sweet little piece that I am very proud to have been a part of.

The second feature, Wild Bill's Run, is much longer. It is "the strange but true story of Wild Bill Cooper. Part Arctic adventure and part crime caper, Wild Bill's Run is an unforgettable ride with a true American folk hero." This film is by Mighty Mike Scholtz, who I also met in Fargo, and who is one of the nicest guys I've ever known. I am really looking forward to seeing this, as well as seeing Mike and Greg again.

I will be signing and drawing in copies of my book Moby-Dick in Pictures at the Wexner Center Bookstore from 6pm until shortly before the films start at 7pm. Then we will move to the theatre for the screening, and I'll probably hang out a bit afterward if you want to come around and meet Mike, Greg or I.

Here is a photo from my trip to Fargo last year. From left to right that's Mike Scholtz (making an amusing face), Greg Carlson, and their good friend and expert cameraman Matt McGregor. This was my view during much of the filming of Inside the Whale.

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