Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Friday diversions: Getting older is a terrible thing

I meant to include these in Friday's post, but alas, my memory is not what it used to be. Well, for the time being, at least. With a tiny handful of small but important projects (mostly covers) to wrap up, a move looming in less than two weeks (we are currently living out of cardboard boxes), and the pressure of coming up with a small art zine for the upcoming S.P.A.C.E. show in Columbus in April (should I do yet another Solar Brothers compilation or a larger collection of Nazgul drawings?), my mind is fragmented. Onward, then.


I posted a bit about this in October, but last year I was able to spend some time chatting via Skype with an absolutely astonishing group of students from the Urban School of San Francisco. Their intelligence, creativity, perceptiveness, and tenacity were just amazing and it was one of the most thrilling conversations about art and Moby-Dick that I've ever had. Well, it gets even better. And honestly, more amazing. Those same students, crediting me for inspiration (I will never get used to that, or take it for granted) have created a Tumblr showcasing the art that they created based on their own responses to passages and ideas from Moby-Dick. It's called How I See It and you can see all the work at that link. It is really really good stuff, and I am envious of some of those pieces. One of my favorites is above, by someone named Annakai. Brilliant!


Here is an excellent, thorough, thought-provoking and entertaining review of the manga The Heart of Thomas that I think you should read, for many reasons. It is so refreshing to read a review that takes its time exploring a work, instead of seeing yet another "capsule" review that simply distills an entire book into a few witty sentences that inevitably just compare it to book X combined with movie Y. I will have more to say on this soon, I am just beginning my reading of Hagio's manga and, I will admit, this is a real stretch for me. Remember, most of my comics reading has centered on Jack Kirby, Heavy Metal magazine, Moebius, and Judge Dredd. Gay romances in boys' schools is quite far from what I am familiar with so it may take me a while to be able to articulate my thoughts well.

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