Thursday, February 21, 2013

Paste on Kish's "Dick"

I have to give credit for that rather off-color header to my good friend Mr. Tony Goins who used it over at the Ferret Press / PANEL blog. I thought it was genius, so I ganked it.

It does have a point though. I was honored to be included in the newly published anthology The Graphic Canon: Volume 2.

This volume contains twelve of my Moby-Dick illustrations, including one alternate that was not published in my own Moby-Dick in Pictures. Additionally, it boasts and absolutely stellar line-up of gifted artists and cartoonists, including Shawn Cheng, John Coulthart, John Porcellino, William Blake (yes!), Maxon Crumb, and many many more. Paste Magazine recently ran this review of the anthology, and overall it was a very positive one. Of my work, the author had this to say: "The other revelation comes from Matt Kish, who has created a unique image for every page of Moby Dick (all of which can be seen on his blog). Intense and surreal, these visions are a triumph, keeping a strong tether to the original prose while launching into electrifying worlds of their own." And there is much more at the link. Click over and take a look, and if the book sounds interesting to you (I have my contributor copy and I will vouch for the fact that it is indeed a big beautiful colorful book full of wonders), please pick up a copy.

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