Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The World's Largest Personal Collection of Nazgul Art, part 2

(You can see Part 1 right here.)

I have a few more commissions hanging out there, but a handful of them have been completed and are now in my hands. Again, the work is wildly varied, personal, and unique, and I could not be more pleased with these.

The Eyes in the Darkness
by Robert Kloss

The Witch-King of the Nazgul
by Jimmy Giegerich

by Michael Olivo

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  1. Your collection of Witch-King art truly is amazing. I wonder what Tolkien would think of such wildly different interpretations of the Witch-King. Personally, I like the first one in this post--it's simple, brutal, and kind of scary, which I think is appropriate for Nazgul. The other two are aesthetically appealing, but the use of such bright, almost joyously riotous color really throws me off. Not something I would associate with the Witch-King. But still fascinating to look at!


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