Friday, October 18, 2013

20% off all art in my Etsy shop - book tour sale!

From today until the end of Friday November 1, all art in my Etsy shop will be 20% off if you use the coupon code BOOKTOUR2. I am doing this to raise a bit of money for my upcoming book tour travels. My publisher takes very very good care of me, makes sure I get where I need to be, and always has a roof over my head. But I am a zillion times happier and more sane when my wife can accompany, which means we've got to pay for her plane tickets, other transportation and food. Hence, the sale.

Every single one of the remaining Heart of Darkness illustrations has been posted and is available, so please take a look. After these sell, I'm probably not going to be using Etsy any longer. I hope to transition into selling my work more in galleries, and handling the remaining sales myself through either my own web site Spudd 64 or a different online store like Store Envy or Big Cartel.

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