Monday, April 12, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 222

Title: ...the pursuit of whales is always under great and extraordinary difficulties...

10.75 inches by 15.75 inches
acrylic paint, collage and ink on found paper
April 11, 2010


  1. I don't think I've ever said this with a straight face...but...


  2. "Things you never knew existed"

    Totally perfect.

  3. Lately I've had this strange obsession with giant, screaming toothy mouths. I think I may have worked it out of my system. For now, at least.

    This is another large (double-sized) piece, which makes it difficult to read some of the speech bubbles I pasted down. The one at the top, an ad from an old comic, is most legible and reads "Things you never knew existed" which I thought was simply too perfect for this piece to pass up. To the right you can see an orange strip which reads "Almost as if some unseen hand were guiding it!"

    Farther down, the speech bubbles on the left read, from top to bottom, "The rest of you - ready for battle!" and "This must be our enemy's doing! All personnel, prepare to stave off a major asault!" On the left the sailors and harpooneers are apparently more more pensive since they are saying "I am unsure of the wisdom in this...but if fight we must, we shall fight to win!"

  4. Hannah, that comment delighted me more than you might ever know! Thank you!

  5. Thanks Leland, as I mentioned above, it was just too perfect to pass up. Something from an old Guardians of the Galaxy comic book I found in a box.


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