Friday, July 23, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 317

Title: "How old do you suppose Fedallah is, Stubb?"

"Do you see that mainmast there?" pointing to the ship; "well, that's the figure one; now take all the hoops in the Pequod's hold, and string 'em along in a row with that mast, for oughts, do you see; well, that wouldn't begin to be Fedallah's age. Nor all the coopers in creation couldn't show hoops enough to make oughts enough."

10.75 inches by 7.75 inches
ink and marker on found paper
July 20, 2010


  1. This one looks better when you click on the little image to make it bigger. The white zeroes pop out a bit more. Obviously, I was a little obsessed with those Pucci-inspired patterns but this is the last one of those. For now, at least.

    And yes, this illustration took FOREVER.

  2. That's really lovely. Organic but nicely controlled color and "allover" patterning.

  3. Thank you very much Jeffrey, I was unsure of how this was coming together while I was working on it because I was only seeing small parts of it at the time. Which in retrospect I think actually helped with keeping that allover patterning kind of consistent. I was really pleased with it when I was done though. I could probably do this kind of thing every day, but I don't want to fall into a rut. I'm sure it will appear again and again though over the next 230 plus pages.


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