Monday, November 8, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 437

Title: ... according to my careful calculation, I say, a Sperm Whale of the largest magnitude, between eighty-five and ninety feet in length, and something less than forty feet in its fullest circumference, such a whale will weigh at least ninety tons; so that reckoning thirteen men to a ton, he would considerably outweigh the combined population of a whole village of one thousand one hundred inhabitants.

8.5 inches by 7 inches
ink on found paper
November 6, 2010


  1. Love this! Chess piece and country.

  2. Occasionally, an image leaps into my mind the instant I settle on a line to illustrate. Despite my best efforts, and sometimes hours of careful though, that first image simply can not and will not be shaken. This is an example of that. I really had no choice at all in the matter - the piece had to be drawn this way. The whale, as living castle and village.


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