Friday, May 6, 2011

New cover for the 'Moby-Dick' art book

The folks at Tin House Books have been playing around with some different cover designs for my book Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page, and they've come up with a new concept that I am extremely fond of...

If you look closely, you can see that the body of the whale on the cover is comprised of elements and textures from several of my illustrations. This is a beautiful way to integrate the sometimes disparate feel of the illustrations into a cohesive and symbolic whole, and in some ways even mirrors the complex structure of the novel itself. I really liked the old cover, but I absolutely love this new one.


  1. hi matt (owing you one...)
    i've ordered two copies (soft, which i favor; for me and as gift) of the old book. if you love the new cover, then it's got to be all right - tho i had grown kind of attached to the old one. the adventure continues, right?
    fondly, lizzy

  2. Holy calzone! I dig the new cover much more. :) I know we had talked about it - so rad.

  3. Hey Lizzy! I did like the old cover design quite a bit, definitely, but I am really smitten with how this new design so skillfully weaves elements and colors and textures from many different illustrations into one almost quilt-like whole. I'm stunned they were able to do the entire thing digitally too.

  4. Hannah, I know! Less than 6 months until the book is finally out!

  5. Yeah, I am really happy with this one, Kyle. Although I will always wonder what the cover would have looked like had you designed it.


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