Sunday, July 29, 2012


Title: "Can't say I saw any road or any upkeep, unless the body of a middle-aged negro, with a bullet-hole in the forehead, upon which I absolutely stumbled three miles farther on, may be considered as a permanent improvement."

7.75 inches by 11 inches
acrylic paint and ink on watercolor paper
July 2, 2012


  1. Really meaty background painting here, Matt. Would love to see in the flesh and examine your technique. Almost looks like some of the hand-painted quilt fabric I have.

  2. Thanks Alice! With these Heart of Darkness pieces especially, I have really been working the paint and the brushes HARD. Really trying to get that, as you very aptly put it, meaty sense of texture and color in the backgrounds. It's tough work and so out of my control sometimes, but when it works it works really well. I was quite pleased with how this came out. I'll bring it along next time we visit so you can check it out yourself.


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