Sunday, June 22, 2014

THE PEQUOD: Ahab Maddened

8 inches by 10 inches
ink on watercolor paper
June 18, 2014


  1. hello matt. my blogspot opens on my page directly these days and so a little roundabout way showing your art is a most welcome and thrilling moment. i mean it. nice break exploring the whole pequod series. (do you know of a new french graphic book of MD? i've read about it but not seen it. will explore and tell you more - i had an idea about it...) hope you're well, lizzy

  2. Lizzy, I did not know about the new French graphic Moby-Dick so I would be deeply grateful for any info you can share. I am always interested in the way that book is explored by different artists across the globe.

    These Pequod images were a challenging exercise and a way for me to explore some new ground artistically. They are a commission from The Melville Society so they will eventually live in their archives, but for now they are my territory to explore.


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