Monday, November 9, 2009

MOBY-DICK, Page 069

Title: "Lost by a whale! Young man, come nearer to me: it was devoured, chewed up, crunched by the monstrousest parmacetty that ever chipped a boat!—ah, ah!"

7 inches by 9.5 inches
ink and marker on found paper
November 9, 2009


  1. I find myself shaking my head at wonderful your art has became. I've been such a fan for years and it's so pleasing to see it only get better.


  2. Kyle, coming from such a good friend like you this means a great deal. You truly have been with me since almost day one. It's wonderful to know I can continue to share this with friends like you, and you can watch as my art continues to (hopefully) evolve and grow.

  3. I mean this as a compliment, but the very exact details of this image reminds me of those graphic close-ups they would do on 'Ren & Stimpy.' Again, I mean that in a good way as this is yet another fine addition to the overall project.

  4. Believe me Brandon, I take that as every bit the compliment you meant it as. John Kricfalusi and "Ren & Stimpy" are just awesome, and I love every minute of that show. Being compared to it is an honor.


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