Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MOBY-DICK, Page 112

Title: The third mate was Flask, a native of Tisbury, in Martha's Vineyard. A short, stout, ruddy young fellow, very pugnacious concerning whales, who somehow seemed to think that the great Leviathans had personally and hereditarily affronted him; and therefore it was a sort of point of honor with him, to destroy them whenever encountered.

8.5 inches by 10 inches
acrylic paint, ink and marker on found paper
December 23, 2009


  1. I like how the figure, as stylized as it is, still denotes Stubs personality.

  2. Love your project.

    Check out

    Philip Hoare

  3. Crysti, that is very good to hear. Since these characters appear so many times in the novel I knew it was important to make each of them visually distinctive yet unique, so it is encouraging to learn that I've been successful. I must have briefly sketched each of them dozens of times before settling on what I wanted.

  4. Philip, thank you so much for the link. Your film looks absolutely fascinating! Is there yet any information in showings in the States, or the possibility of a DVD release? I feel as if it's almost imperative that I see it. I'll write a short post with a link to your sites on this blog as well, I think many would be interested in your work.


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