Saturday, December 26, 2009

MOBY-DICK, Page 113

Title: Next was Tashtego, an unmixed Indian from Gay Head, the most westerly promontory of Martha's Vineyard, where there still exists the last remnant of a village of red men, which has long supplied the neighboring island of Nantucket with many of her most daring harpooneers.

5.75 inches by 8 inches
colored pencil, ink and marker on found paper
December 26, 2009


  1. I like this! It reminds me of a kiwi bird!

  2. Thank you Crysti, this was another especially challenging piece. While I don't want to whitewash Melville's masterpiece or inject an anachronistic level of PC imagery, I also don't want to descend into caricature of hamfisted racial grotesques. With Tashtego as a Native American and Daggoo as an African, it would be all to easy to err on either side of the issue. Ultimately, I too am pleased with how these turned out.

  3. From the paper to the colors, everything about this is exactly right.

  4. I was really worried about this one, but it did turn out well. It's an old German book my wife brought home after her library got rid of it. I believe the title is "Das Buch Vom Der Indianer." The paper has a lovely, warm, almost manila glow to it. I've avoided using it too often, although it will reappear.


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